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Griffins Supporters Club

In 2022, we continue our Griffins Supporters Club to acknowledge the contribution of past players and honour our founding clubs Port Hunter Rugby and Tech College Tigers.

We offer an annual Supporters Club Membership whereby members receive a club polo, newsletter updates and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

There will be social events planned throughout the year to give you a chance to catch up with your old team mates and cheer on the future of our Club. 

We are committed to getting in touch with you about events, games, results and what's happening around the club.


You will be eligible to join if you've ever played for:

  • Newcastle Griffins (including Tech Port)

  • Newcastle Tech

  • Port Hunter

  • Harbourside Veterans


You are also welcome to join if you have never played, and want to be a supporter of the Griffins.

Sign-up for our Newsletter to stay in touch and register your interest.

Stuey Trench Tradition

Each year the Griffins compete for the coveted Stuart Trench Memorial Cup (STMC), in honour of the late great "Trenchie".


Stu was a driving force in the forming of the Griffins Club in 1991 and was an active contributor to Newcastle in many facets. He is fondly remembered and loved by many in the Newcastle and Rugby community. He was passionate about what he believed in; that included our Rugby Club and was an avid Wallabies supporter.

To commemorate our history with the Port Hunter Rugby Club, we play this game at Lynn Oval in Stockton each year on the closest weekend to the date of Stu’s passing. The game is watched by hundreds including Griffins Legends and the Stockton community.

Meet you at Stuey Trench Memorial Cup at Lynn Oval Stockton mid-season 2022.

We will share a tale and an ale as we cheer the Griffins across the line!

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