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The Griffin Genesis

In 1991, Tech College and Port Hunter Rugby Clubs merged to form Tech-Port.  They then changed the name to the Griffins. Both of these clubs boast proud histories. The Tech College Rugby Club was formed in 1948, whilst Port Hunter/Stockton Rugby Club emerged in 1895.

The Griffin symbol holds significance. This fearsome beast brings together the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion, which relate to the symbols of our two founding clubs.

In 2019, Newcastle Griffins made the bold move to invest in the future of Rugby in the Newcastle western corridor.  In 2020, the Griffins played their first game in Jesmond and look to many seasons of growth as the West Newcastle Griffins.

Present Day

We field two sides in the Divisional competition and are growing in numbers for our Juniors teams.

The Lemon Grove Hotel, on Nelson Street in Wallsend, is our sponsor and welcomes all Rugby supporters and players for a cool drink, before or after the match and after training.

Seniors Training is Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6pm at Heaton Park, Jesmond.

All are welcome

Juniors Training is Thursday nights from 4:30pm at Heaton Park, Jesmond.

All are welcome

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