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Dear Members,

You are invited to attend the Newcastle Griffins Rugby Club 2021 Annual General Meeting.  The meeting will be held at the Shorty Hotel, 269 Sandgate Rd, Shortland, in the upper level of the restaurant, 5/12/2021 at 2 pm.


All current volunteer positions will be declared vacant and as such, nominations are being called for the executive committee positions of:
*  President
*  Vice President
*  Secretary and Public Officer
*  Treasurer


Ordinary positions will also be declared vacant and nominations are being sort for:
*  Cultural Officer (club captain)
*  Game Day Manager
*  Partnerships Manager (sponsorships).


Additional volunteer positions available in season 2022 are:
*  Merchandise Coordinator
*  Social Communications Officer
*  Kit Coordinator
*  Canteen Assistants
*  Website Coordinator
*  Game Day Strapper


If you would like one of these positions, or know someone who would, please register your interest as well. Newcomers to the club are welcome to join the committee.

Nominations are called for Life Members. To be eligible, the person must have been a member for ten years and / or displayed exceptional service to the club.

All nominations can be emailed to

Nominations for executive committee close 28/11/2021 at 2 pm.

If you do not wish to attend but would like to suggest an idea or would like to help out in any way in 2022, please contact the email above with your thoughts.

Proposed changes to the Constitution:

During the AGM, the following proposed changes to the constitution will be voted on:


Currently, there are 4 categories of members:

  1. 1. Griffins Legends Club Members, Old Boys and former players or coaches of the ancestor clubs of Griffins RUC; who has paid an annual membership fee as set by the management committee;

  2. 2. Life Members;

  3. 3. Playing Members, “who shall be those persons who register with and are accepted by the Newcastle Hunter Rugby Union (“The N.H.R.U.”) as players with the Newcastle Griffins in the Newcastle Hunter Rugby Union Competition”; and

  4. 4. Volunteer Members, who do not fall into any other category of membership; who has paid an annual membership fee as set by the management committee.


Junior players and (future) female players are not covered by these categories, primarily because of the definition of Playing Members.
To address the status of junior players and provide flexibility to recognise female players, the following rewording of Clause 2.1.3 is proposed:



Clause 2.1.3: Playing members – “who shall be those persons who register with Rugby Australia as players with Griffins RUC and who participate in competitions sanctioned by Hunter Rugby or Hunter Junior Rugby”.


The current Constitution does not contain roles and responsibilities for either the President or the Vice President. The proposal is for the additional of roles and responsibilities for all Office Bearers, up-dating those for the Secretary and Treasurer as well as renumbering the subsequent clauses.

Clause 17 President
Provides direction for the club through effective leadership and management. Responsible for the developing and achieving the strategic goals as well as overall management of operational activities. Leadership and coordination between club groups.
Responsibilities include:
*  Chair Committee meetings
*  Provide leadership and promote unity of purpose across the club
*  Oversee internal disciplinary action
*  Attend Hunter Rugby & Hunter Junior Rugby Judiciary
*  Act as Delegate to Hunter Rugby and Hunter Junior Rugby

*  Manage Planning and development
*  Public relations


Clause 18 Vice President
Responsible for member services. Deputises for President when required.
Responsibilities include:
*  Chair of Juniors Sub-committee
*  Home-game activities and club events
*  Volunteers – Recruitment and coordination
*  Old Boys – Coordination
*  Health & Safety


Clause 19 Secretary
Responsible for the day-to-day business and administration of the club. Manages, processes, distributes and maintains a record of all correspondence and club documents. Responsibilities include:
*  Minutes of:
     - all appointments of office-bearers plus members of the committee and all sub-committees;
     - the names of the members of the committee present at all committee meetings or any general meeting; and;
     - proceedings at all committee meetings and any general meetings
     - Publication of fixtures on the club information sites
     - Communications with Hunter Rugby and Hunter Junior Rugby
     - Social media, web sites and promotion of the club


Clause 20 Treasurer & Public Officer
Principal financial manager of the club. Overall control of all income and expenditure. Maintains the integrity and accurate recording of all financial transactions in accordance with the approved budget.
Responsibilities include:
*  Budgets and financial management
*  Sponsorship acquisition and routine management
*  Registrations and memberships
*  Income raising activities. Sales of merchandise. Canteen/BBQ;
Ensuring that:
*  all money due to the association is collected and received;
*  that all payments authorised by the association are made;
*  correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the association including full details of all receipts and expenditure connected with the activities of the association.


Yours in Rugby,
Nigel Mifsud, President,
Griffins Rugby

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